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"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep & bear arms shall not be infringed." -Second Amendment, US Constitution


Junior Rifle Committee Chairman: Mark Tessier
Senior Rifle Committee Chairman: Chip Belmore
Pistol and Indoor/Outdoor Range Committee Chairman: Chris Cavaco

Call the Club At (508) 485-9739 for more information or e-mail


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Attention.pngRange Rules

Attention.pngSafety Rules:

  • Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  • Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
  • Do not handle firearms when anyone is beyond the firing line. All guns should be on the bench, unloaded, cylinders open, mags out, slides back until everyone is behind the firing line safely.

Attention.pngOutdoor Range Rules

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  • Members must sign the range book before using range & sign out when finished at all times range is open.
  • Members are allowed 1 guest per day only. Member must accompany guest at all times.
  • Members must have valid membership card on their person while on the range & must present when asked by another member. Anyone not presenting their card will be presumed to not be a member & will be asked to leave the property.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on the range.
  • Eye & ear protection must be worn by everyone on the range, spectators included.
  • Only Full voting and spousal members may use the range.
  • Anyone under age 18 must have adult supervision present on the range (unless they have a signed release form on file).
  • Member must have a valid F.I.D. or L.T.C. in their possession while on the range.
  • Place targets in the center of the frames.
  • No metal targets, plastic or glass bottles, cans, clay pigeons, or exploding targets allowed. Exception: Metal spinner & silhouette targets may be used with .22 caliber rimfire ammunition only when placed in the center of berm.
  • Do not fire more than 10 rounds in rapid succession.
  • Full automatic firearms are not allowed.
  • Shots must be aimed from the shoulder.
  • Shots must be into the berm only.
  • Do not shoot at targets on the ground.
  • No tracer or incendiary rounds.
  • Return target stands to rack when finished.
  • Place brass in 5 gallon buckets at firing line.
  • Place any duds(non fire-able live ammunition) in dud cans mounted on pillars.
  • Pick up any trash.

Attention.pngIndoor Range Rules

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Open while clubhouse is open per Clubhouse Hours


  • Members must sign the range book upstairs before using range & SIGN OUT when finished.
  • Members are allowed 1 guest per day only. Member must accompany guest at all times.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on the range.
  • Eye & ear protection must be worn by everyone on the range. Spectators included.
  • Only Full & Non voting members may use the range.
  • Anyone under 18 years of age must have adult supervision present on the range(unless they have a signed release form on file).
  • Member must have a valid F.I.D. or L.T.C. in their possession while on the range.
  • Targets must be hung from the holder on the cable & brought all the way down to the backstop. Do not shoot at targets on the ground or at any position other than completely downrange.
  • Paper targets only. No metal targets, plastic or glass bottles, cans, clay pidgeons, or exploding targets allowed.
  • No rapid fire. Slow fire only. This is an indoor precision target shooting range. Remember there is a room full of people above you.
  • Full automatic firearms are not allowed.
  • Shots must be aimed from the shoulder from behind the firing line only.
  • No tracer or incendiary rounds.
  • Sweep up brass when finished & place in container.
  • Pick up any trash. Leave the range cleaner than you found it.

Junior Rifle Program

The Marlboro Fish & Game Junior Rifle Program provides firearms safety & marksmanship training to young adults ages 12-19. 10 & 11-year-olds may be allowed in the program at the discretion of the instructors.

There is a nominal fee to participate in practices and interleague matches:

$50 for participants joining the program between Sept.2018 & 31Dec.2018

$35 for participants joining the program between 01Jan.2019-14March2019

Neither the shooters nor their parents need to be members of the Marlboro Fish & Game. Participation in our program does not preclude membership or participation in other clubs, programs or leagues.

This program roughly coincides with the school year. Practices are every Thursday night, from 7pm-9pm, with the exceptions noted below. Shooters also have the opportunity to shoot in up to six interclub matches per season.

Start date for the 2018-19 season: Thursday, 13 sept. 2018, 7-9pm. End date for the season: Thursday, 11 april 2019.

Marlboro Fish & Game provides the equipment & ammunition for the program and matches. Shooters are welcome to use their own equipment. Instructors may reject equipment that appears to be unsafe or unsuitable for target shooting.

Contact information for the program:

Marlboro Fish & Game general number – (508) 485-9739, 508-932-0145 (Mark Tessier, coach) also, 774-275-0425 (Vinnie Amatucci, coach), 508-667-7213 (Bobbi Cintolo, coach)

Practice Schedule

Every Thursday evening 13sep2018 - 11April2019, 7pm-9pm except:

22nov2018, 27dec2018, 21feb2019

Other practice dates may be offered depending on participant requests and coach availability.

Central MA League Match Schedule (indoor, 50’ - all matches are on Saturdays)

08 December 2018, Harvard Sportsmen’s Club

12 January 2019, Riverside Gun Club

09 February 2019, Marlboro Fish & Game

09 March 2019, Riverside Gun Club

Other Matches (outdoor, 50yds., also on Saturdays)

13 October 2018, Harvard Sportsmen’s Club

16 March 2019, Harvard Sportsmen’s Club

                   (Date to be determined later in the season)

The outdoor matches do not count towards individual or team scores in the Central MA Junior Rifle League. They are available simply to give shooters additional match opportunities. Team participation also depends on coach availability. Shooters with their own firearms may participate even if no Marlboro coaches are available.

Any Marlboro shooter who has been assigned a number by the coaches and consistently handles firearms safely with minimal supervision is eligible to shoot in these matches.

Central MA League Awards Banquet Date & Location (Saturday)

30 March,06 April,or 13 April 2019-- To Be Determined, 6-9pm(Club to be determined)

Open to all League shooters, coaches, Marlboro Fish & Game members (and members of other clubs that are part of the Central MA League), & families of any of these categories.

The awards banquet is expected to be approximately $10/person.

Detailed program description

The program is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of shooters; from the person seeking to learn basic safety & marksmanship skills to the avid shooter seeking competitive success.

The NRA “small bore 4-position qualification course” forms the basis for this program. All new participants begin with an orientation covering safety and firearms basics. The shooter then proceeds to shooting exercises that permit instructors to evaluate their grasp of shooting fundamentals and make the necessary adjustments. This typically occurs at the shooter’s first visit. Once shooters have demonstrated an adequate grasp of fundamentals they may begin earning NRA certificates & badges. Instructors continuously reinforce safety.

Program participants may start at any time during the season,until March 15,2019. Participants may come as frequently or infrequently as they desire. Those who have been away for an extended time may be asked to repeat the safety orientation.

Match participation is optional.

Parents or guardians are welcome to observe the shooters at any time – space permitting - without advance notice. They will be asked to adhere to range safety rules.

Shooters who are club members may shoot at other times besides scheduled practice sessions however they will not have access to Marlboro Fish & Game equipment.

Coaching Staff & Coverage

Coaching coverage is based to some extent on the number of shooters but typically:

There are three or more coaches at each Thursday practice.

Coaching coverage at other practices will be determined based on the number of shooters scheduled or anticipated.

Four – twelve coaches (drawn from all participating clubs) at matches.

Marlboro currently has four coaches available to insure adequate supervision and instruction.

Coaching credentials include NRA coach, basic pistol, home firearm safety and MA state police certification. Firearms experience includes, military, hunting, and competition.

Funding & Support

Marlboro Fish & Game members support this program by providing & maintaining the facilities & via donations. Feel free to make a donation at any time! Coaches are all members.

Participant fees cover some of the ammunition and equipment costs.

The NRA Foundation Grant Program has provided over $40,000 worth of equipment since 2011.

If your child participates in this program please consider attending the fall NRA Foundation fundraising banquet! The Banquet is on Friday, 21Sep2018. Please go on-line for details & tickets. (

Ammunition is provided by the Federal Premium Ammunition Company & CCI at a substantial discount via ATK and the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA).

Whitetails Unlimited has provided several thousand dollars to the program.

Otis Technologies has provided the cleaning equipment for the program.

Gun Cleaning equipment and supplies have been provided by OTIS Technology .

Civilian Marksmanship Program

CMP-Logo 200x771.png

We are an affiliated club with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. This allows us to hold sanctioned shooting events that will allow participants who qualify to buy surplus firearms & ammo from the program & have them shipped to your home. Check out their web site. They also have an online magazine with lots of info on competitions etc. Here is some basic info on the program. Check out their web site for more. Also keep checking our Firearms Events Calendar for upcoming qualifying shoots.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is a U.S. government-chartered program that promotes firearms safety training and rifle practice for all qualified U.S. citizens with special emphasis on youth. Any U.S. citizen who is legally not prohibited from owning a firearm may purchase a military surplus rifle from the CMP, provided they are a member of a CMP affiliated club. The CMP operates through a network of affiliated shooting clubs and state associations that covers every state in the U.S. The clubs and associations offer firearms safety training and marksmanship courses as well as the opportunity for continued practice and competition.

The CMP was created by the U.S. Congress as part of the 1903 War Department Appropriations Act. The original purpose was to provide civilians an opportunity to learn and practice marksmanship skills so they would be skilled marksmen if later called on to serve in the U.S. military. Over the years the emphasis of the program shifted to focus on youth development through marksmanship. From 1916 until 1996 the CMP was administered by the U.S. Army. Title XVI of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1996 (Public Law 104-106, 10 February 1996) created the Corporation for the Promotion of Rifle Practice & Firearms Safety (CPRPFS) to take over administration and promotion of the CMP. The CPRPFS is a tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that has been Federally chartered by the U.S. Congress, but is not an agency of the U.S. Government (Title 36, United States Code, Section 40701 et seq). Apart from a donation of surplus .22 and .30 caliber rifles in the Army's inventory to the CMP, the CMP receives no Federal funding.

E-mail for club number