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  • Members must sign the range book before using range & sign out when finished at all times range is open.
  • Members are allowed 1 guest per day only. Member must accompany guest at all times.
  • Members must have valid membership card on their person while on the range & must present when asked by another member. Anyone not presenting their card will be presumed to not be a member & will be asked to leave the property.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on the range.
  • Eye & ear protection must be worn by everyone on the range, spectators included.
  • Only Full voting and spousal members may use the range.
  • Anyone under age 18 must have adult supervision present on the range (unless they have a signed release form on file).
  • Member must have a valid F.I.D. or L.T.C. in their possession while on the range.
  • Place targets in the center of the frames.
  • No metal targets, plastic or glass bottles, cans, clay pigeons, or exploding targets allowed. Exception: Metal spinner & silhouette targets may be used with .22 caliber rimfire ammunition only when placed in the center of berm.
  • Do not fire more than 10 rounds in rapid succession.
  • Full automatic firearms are not allowed.
  • Shots must be aimed from the shoulder.
  • Shots must be into the berm only.
  • Do not shoot at targets on the ground.
  • No tracer or incendiary rounds.
  • Return target stands to rack when finished.
  • Place brass in 5 gallon buckets at firing line.
  • Place any duds(non fire-able live ammunition) in dud cans mounted on pillars.
  • Pick up any trash.